Beard Oil


In a world full of beard care options, Man Maker's signature beard oil is crafted to stand out. The carefully balanced blend of oils and herbs are designed to moisturize, soothe, and stimulate the hair and roots. It is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, and its light, refreshing and clean scent works harmoniously with the rest of your grooming detail, so it's never overpowering.



Let's be honest. Most natural deodorants fall short when it comes to their intended purpose. Granted they usually are not filled with undesirable ingredients, but often that's the extent of their usefulness. Ours is formulated to pick up where the others left off. Using a blend of skin-soothing herbs, this deodorant is long-lasting and effective. Designed to absorb moisture and eliminate odor, our deodorant truly keeps the user fresh all day. Our deodorant comes in 3 scents: Signature, Fe, and Unscented.

Beard Butter

beard butter 1

Our beard butter is designed with the same blend of herbs and essential oils as our beard oil so that they can be used alone or together. Either way, you won't smell like a gypsy. Designed to help tame flyaways and keep the hair feeling soft with its blend of deep-penetrating oils and butters, Man Maker's beard butter is perfect for beards with a little more volume or length.

Solid Cologne


Cologne is a personal thing. No single fragrance is suited for any one person. That's why we offer ours in three unique scents. Each cologne is made to compliment our other products or be worn on its own. Formulated with 100% botanically-based essential oils, these solid colognes can be considered aromatherapeutic...but we won't make any ridiculous claims as to how they'll make you feel other than confident in the fact that you smell great, and without any artificial or synthetic fragrances.

Our cologne is currently offered in 3 scents:

Cu: warm and spicy

Fe: deep and leathery with a citrus top note

Signature: sweet, herbal and woodsy

Undercarriage Balm


Specifically designed for a man's delicate areas, Man Maker's undercarriage balm is one of a kind. Formulated with restorative herbs and oils to nourish and assuage the most sensitive skin, it works to bring relief to the area as well as creates a comfortable barrier to help prevent further damage. Our undercarriage balm also smells great. In case that's important to you as well.

Lip Balm


For some, all lip balm is the same. Until you try ours. Formulated with simple but powerful ingredients like raw cocoa butter, which provides deep moisturizing, smooth texture and a mild chocolate note; 100% pure and organic mint essential oils which offer a cool, fresh feel; and organic rosemary which helps to naturally soothe and recharge damaged skin. We never intended to create a flavor, but it does taste pretty good too.