We're a wife and husband team, passionate about natural health and body care, in love with the elements creation has provided to us, and excited to share it with others.

She is trained in evidence-based herbalism and uses that knowledge to mindfully formulate each of our products.

He is the guy who gets to try them first.

We embrace the idea that real men come in all shapes and sizes, and there isn't just one thing that makes a man.We know that real men aren't defined by how they look but by how they live. It's not about who they love but that they love, and just because you came equipped doesn't mean that you don't have to earn the title.

At The Man Maker Company, we celebrate real men with our line of 100% natural, hand-crafted products designed with an evidence-based approach to ensure that they're not only pleasant to use, but safe, and effective as well. Because real men deserve to be pampered too.